Hi, I'm Karishma

I help people find inner & outer peace. 

I'm a trauma informed life coach & breathwork facilitator.

Find freedom.
Find peace.
Find purpose.


You are a powerful being.

You are on your pursuit of happiness & creating a meaningful life for yourself.

It's intertwined with so much fear & anxiety, but you keep going. This is what you were meant to do and you feel it in your gut!

You have dreams to live out, passions to pursue! After all you didn't come this far to be a failure!

PLUS you have already raised the ceiling for yourself and finally gone after something that you love, but it feels as though you are disappointing everyone around you.

Sometimes the pressure is so immense that you start to question everything and become indecisive. Did you even do the right thing? 

Even the smallest decisions start to feel like one continual fight!

The guilt, their disappointment, your/their expectations..it can be debilitating and even worse the anxiety of it all keeps you up at night.

Sound like you?



You think about what else you can do to be successful and show everyone that you're doing the right thing!

Every morning you wake up and already feel like you are behind! So you start the daily grind: hustling, to-do lists, social media posts, calls.. it's exhausting and it doesn't help that you're trying to live up to other people's expectations so you can PROVE you made the right decision. 

Your whole family is riding on your success (or constantly holding over your head that you should have listened to them & become a doctor). So you have no option but to make it work!


It's infuriating, frustrating & feels like you never win. 

"Why does life have to be so hard?"

Although you know you are on the right path, everything feels like a BIG struggle. Doors aren't opening as easily, things don't flow and it feels like you are continuously on one uphill battle.

Arguments with your parents, family and loved ones worsen, and you wish that they would leave alone to DO YOU, but you feel obligated to talk to them.

AND the worst part is you are feeling more disconnected, more anxious than ever and you're BURNED the F* OUT!



For those of you who have passions outside of the cultural and societal constructs that were built for you, YOU can no longer afford to put mental health on the back burner. 

The truth is... the amount that you hustle does NOT equal your success or worth.

As someone who broke free of the expectations that my family, friends and culture held on me my whole life to do what I love, I've confronted every frustration, emotional trauma, challenge, doubt and fear that's stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams.

I will teach you to navigate obstacles, create healthy boundaries and relationships with your friends, family and culture so that you can create life on your own terms guilt & expectation-free. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will teach how to maintain connection that inner-knowing and magic that you were born with so you never question your worth, your purpose, or your life path ever AGAIN. 

Whether you feel trapped in your thoughts, highly anxious, living in perfectionism OR fearful of letting people down, want more ease in your life to accomplish what you were put on this planet to do, my teachings are designed to help you master your mindset, break-free of all that is holding you back & teach you that you're capable of taking charge of your life without any fear, guilt, shame or expectations associated.

Want to stop struggling, live life of your own terms and rekindle a healthy relationship with those around you? 

All you have to do is make the decision to go deeper.

Ready to take the journey with me?



Read what some of my clients have to say

Feels Empowered & Heard

She really listened to the way I spoke about my situation and was able to catch on to the nuances in my speech. Her language was positive and empowering and she was able to keep me grounded by asking me where I felt things in my physical body so I could consciously let go and continue. I loved that I left the session with practical resources that I was excited to incorporate because they felt individualized to me.

Now Connected & Grounded

My coach made me feel very safe and supported in my journey. It was incredibly easy to open up to her and I felt she was empathetic and incredibly kind in listening to my issues. I was surprised by how understanding and easy it was to open up about some of the darker things that I have kept secret from some of my closest people in my life. She made it easy to connect, trust and feel grounded to find comfort in her responses even if they pushed me out of my comfort zone. I love how she never showed any judgement & never made me doubt her expertise. 

Reached New Heights

She literally had a response or corrective action of supportive anecdote for any problem I threw at her-- including my natural resistance to change. I don't think I could have found the strength or courage to make significant changes without her support and awareness. She has a good blend of subject matter expertise and also confidant who can relate and makes easy to open up. Plus I love her use of breathwork throughout sessions! She has a special gift!

Are you ready to..

  • Be unapologetic for what you want without fear, doubt, guilt anxiety?
  • For your life to feel stress-free & easy?
  • Stop the struggle and be in alignment with your dreams?
  • Live the life you were meant to live without any second thoughts?
  • Spread your magic into this world without the feeling of disappointment?
  • Open doors to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams? 



1:1 Private Coaching


Small Group Coaching


Family Coaching


8-Week Online Journey


Being First Generation, The Podcast

I wanted to create a space to have conscious cultural conversation. 

It's a podcast to create awareness about what being a firstgen is like for ALL cultures. 

You will hear from people all over the world who grew up in a different country than their parents as well as my own personal stories.

About Karishma

Karishma started Coaching with Karishma out of her love for helping other. Being a first generation immigrant, she recognized that there were cultural constructs that were holding her back from living out her wildest dreams an now helps others to live their own empowered lives by breaking free of their own cultural standards, people pleasing, perfectionism, and high-performing anxiety through breathwork & coaching. 

Natural medicine & Ayurveda were a part of her cultural upbringing and she loved it so much that she would unofficially give her friends and other family members advice on living a healthier (antibiotics/prescription free life). This lifestyle and off-the-books mentoring taught her how to lead with her intuition and create individualized healing plans for her clients.

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