Karishma Donde

Wellness Coach. Breathwork Facilitator. Speaker.
Entrepreneur & Disruptor.

Screw what people think & start living life for YOU!

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Hi, I'm Karishma

I'm a first generation immigrant--my parents are from India & I was born in the US. 

As a firstgen, life can be complicated. I'm here to un-complicate it for you.

I'm obsessed with watching people take their power back and becoming unapologetically themselves! My vision is to create a space for all first generation women to live in their light without guilt, people pleasing, perfectionism and finally finding the freedom to become authentically "YOU!"  A place to truly have a conscious cultural conversation about the good, bad, ugly and  uncomfortable in a safe container.

It's time to stop living life for your parents, your communities, your culture and start living the life you have dreamed of!


Breathwork Changed My Life

If there was one thing that brought me back home, into my body and helped me realize my own power it was breath. I have had amazing revelations, visions, and rediscovered what it means to love myself.

Breath is our life force, the thing we can't live without, yet we tend to take it for granted. 

When I embraced breathwork I found peace instead of anxiety, could slow down and appreciate the present moment & deeply shift my own energy. 

For a limited time, I am offering free sessions! Try it out free of charge!


Does guilt run your life?

OMG girl, I totally feel you! I let guilt run my life for so. many. years. I thought that being the perfect daughter, friend, coworker, lover would eventually lead to happiness... but the truth? I was the unhappiest I had ever been. 

I was giving all my power away trying to appease my community, family, friends, relationships, jobs... And it was exhausting. 

Everything changed when I learned what it was like to put myself first, please myself first, and fill up my own cup! The best part: IT WAS GUILT FREE! 

I can't wait until you see that life is laced with magic moments and beauty once you stop doing things to hold up a certain image of who you should be..because it's completely impossible to see your path clearly when there are a ton of expectations held over your head. 

What if you could drop the fear? Drop the guilt? FREEDOM. 


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